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Ambrosio Blackwell


Ambrosio loves academia as an educator but also as a student. He loves to learn, and one of the ways he best learns is through educating others.

After years of developing and honing his skills and expertise as a small business owner and financial professional, Ambrosio Blackwell realized how much knowledge he was instilling in those around him through everyday conversations, and – though he had never done it in an academic perspective – he decided it was time to start. 

Pulling influence from the wisdom and experience of others in the industry — like Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and Peter Drucker — Ambrosio worked for a semester as an Assistant Professor at the Jack Welch Management Institute where he taught courses in finance and accounting and developed a passion for educating others. As someone with real-world, industry experience, Ambrosio Blackwell centered his teaching philosophy around incorporating the knowledge and career experience he developed while working as a commercial banking officer into the course curriculum. While many educators will instruct directly from the given material, Ambrosio translates the lessons he’s teaching his students into applicable current events or actions. 

Ambrosio Blackwell also placed the student as the central focus of his philosophy; he understands that each and every student is different, with unique needs and skills and strengths. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to instruction, he plans to meet every student where they are, and adjust instruction accordingly to help provide each student with the support system and educational structure needed for success. 

Ambrosio loves academia as an educator but also as a student. He loves to learn, and one of the ways he best learns is through educating others. He also subscribes to the “teach a man to fish, feed him for life” mentality. Ambrosio knows that, if one is taught, one is learned, and once learned, that individual has improved their chances of elevating not only themselves but also others around them in a way that they would never have been able to before. 

Above all else, Ambrosio Blackwell knows that education is truly the only way forward. Education is multifaceted, ever-growing, and offers compounding returns, providing you with a foundation to grow from for the rest of your life and career. 

Currently, in his career, Ambrosio is working as a commercial financing and business cash flow strategist. He’s previously held a number of different positions, ranging from Commercial Loan Officer to Business Banking Relationship Manager. 

Ambrosio Blackwell attended the University of California at Riverside where he earned his Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Accounting. He then attended La Sierra Riverside where he earned his MBA in both Marketing and Finance. 

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